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Great way to wrap up Season 2.

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Wonder Woman's Truck.

Teammates head walking around.

Wonder Woman's Plane drop in.

First of all I suck My K/D Ratio is 0.53. It has gone up from last month's 0.43 baby steps hahaha.

These are the top 2 Loadouts I used in Season 1.

Bruen/Mac 10 Plunder Loadout Bruen was a beast perfect for Plunder and the Jerks sniping from Top of Airport the whole game.

Paired with Mac10

If your knocking down doors to kill Campers this was the best gun for that by far.

Rebirth Island Load out.

M16/FFAR was great getting kills before the gas closes in.

Burst M16 took a second to get use to, but downing a guy with one burst is the best feeling.


Took a little time to get use to after the MAC10, but this gun hits HARD.

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